Sunday, November 29, 2020

RIP Darth Vader

David Prowse, who embodied Darth Vader in the Star Wars films, has passed away at the age of 85.

There were other aspects of Prowse's life - he was a champion weightlifter and his acting career spanned from the mid-1960's through 2016. He appeared in A Clockwork Orange, and his television appearances included The Beverly Hillbillies, The Saint, Doctor Who, Little House on the Prairie, Space: 1999, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and The Benny Hill Show

Although James Earl Jones provided Vader's deep, imposing voice, it was Prowse who gave him the imposing visual presence. Rest in peace, sir.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Recent reading: "Murder-a-Go-Go's"

As the subtitle explains, this anthology features crime fiction inspired by the music of The Go-Go's, and by inspired, they mean very loosely inspired, at least a lot more loosely than I was expecting. Still, there's some good stories here, although if I'd read them as stand-alones I wouldn't have made the Go-Go's connection.

My favorites from this collection are "You Thought" by Susanna Calkins, "Fading Fast", a tale of revenge with an unexpected outcome (disclaimer: author Sarah M. Chen was my editor for "Christine Thirteen", also a tale of revenge - no wonder she liked it so much), "We Don't Get Along" by Diane Vallere, "Head Over Heels" by Craig Faustus Buck, and "Unforgiven" by Hilary Davidson.

It's not a quick read - there are twenty-five stories here, so it took me a while to get through them all. 

"Unforgiven" received a 2020 Anthony nomination. The anthology also features a forward by Go-Go Jane Wiedlin.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Yeah, thanks

Thanks bunches. Los Angeles just got a whole lot more dangerous thanks to politicians playing games with our safety.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone except Gavin Newsom and Eric Garcetti


Snicked from the internets and I didn't note where from. If it's yours, let me know so I can give richly deserved credit.

Updated 9:37am: Ditto this guy and all the other politicians imposing draconian measures on us peasants while they go out and do whatever they want. Assholes.

But YOU...YOU have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 23, 2020

Missing this

Yep, it's one of those days.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

This person is my new hero

Hilarious. Too bad he won't learn anything from it.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Where has California Representative Tom McClintock been all my life?

In this speech McClintock is speaking of course of California Governor French Laundry, aka Gavin Newsom, who was caught red-handed ignoring the shutdown orders he so gleefully inflicts on the non-political elite of our state. Our fearless leader was recently photographed enjoying a sizable, mask-free indoor gathering at the exclusive restaurant The French Laundry

This speech is just priceless. The transcript:

Mr. Speaker:

I rise in defense this morning of Governor Gavin Newsom, who recently defied his own idiotic COVID edicts, as he partied at one of the few restaurants that's not yet been forced out of business. 

I defend him because he was doing what we once all did in a free society: make our own decisions over what risks we're willing to run, and what precautions we're willing to take according to our own circumstances, to protect our own health.

Yes, COVID is a nasty bug, and a quarter of a million Americans have died while having it. But this isn't the bubonic plague. The CDC's best estimate is that if you're under forty-nine, your chance for surviving COVID - if you get it - is 99.92%. Even if you're over seventy, you have a 94.6% rate of recovery. Forty percent who get it don't even know they have it! Yet we've allowed our officials to ruin our quality of life over it, destroying countless businesses, throwing tens of millions into unemployment, robbing our children of their educations, and shredding our most cherished rights as Americans. Governor Newsom's night of partying should be a wake-up call for every American!

Every time we step outside our homes, the risks that we face multiply. A free society assumes that its citizens are competent to assess those risks, balance them against the avoidance costs, and to manage their decisions in a generally responsible way. It's called common sense, and it's a necessary prerequisite for self-government and liberty. 

The choices of an octogenarian with emphysema might be very different from those of a very healthy governor of California. Only a fool would claim the omniscience to make an informed judgement for every person in every circumstance in every community, and sadly this crisis has revealed that fools abound in public office, and that a fool with power can quickly become a petty tyrant. 

Which brings us back to Governor Newsom. 

These government nannies love to tell us that they're just "following the science". Well what does this science actually tell us? It tells us that COVID poses virtually no risk to children, but can be severe among the elderly. So what did these lockdown leftists do? They closed all the schools, and ordered infected patients into nursing homes! 

The science tells us that outdoor transmissions of the virus are extremely rare, and that 80% of infections occur in people's homes. So what did these lockdown leftists do? They closed our beaches, parks, and campgrounds, and ordered people to stay at home!

The science tells us that obesity is a contributing factor to the severity of the disease. So what did these lockdown leftists do? They closed all the gyms, and left the liquor stores open!

These lockdowns haven't saved lives. The states with the most stringent lockdowns generally have the highest mortality rates from COVID. Utah stayed open while next door, Colorado shut down. Utah currently has half the COVID mortality rate, and three-fourths the unemployment rate as Colorado.

But the lockdowns have cost countless lives, from suicides, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, and deferred health screenings and treatments. 

Recently Governor Newsom demanded that restaurant diners replace their masks after every bite, but also, minimize the time they take it off. I guess that means you take really big bites. Thanksgiving dinners are allowed in California, but only when they're held outside, guests are seated six feet apart, and they last no more than two hours. Now it's alright to use the bathroom, but only if it's frequently sanitized, otherwise presumably you'll just have to use the bushes. And for God's sake no singing!

I wondered how much longer the American are going to tolerate this nonsense. So let us not criticize Governor Newsom. Perhaps he's just offered us all deliverance from his own folly. Nor should we criticize the California legislators who ignored travel and quarantine restrictions to junket in Hawaii. Nor should we ridicule Speaker Pelosi for choosing not to wear a mask in a hair salon that was forced to close for the rest of us. GOOD FOR THEM! They're demonstrating by their actions the freedom that every American citizen needs to reclaim from these very same people. The governor should make his own decisions about running his own life. I only ask that he and his ilk would stop telling the rest of us how to run ours. 

I yield back. 

HO. LY. MO. LY.  And he didn't even mention where Newsom tried to shut businesses down for the Fourth of July, but kept his own winery open. He's been a raging hypocrite about the COVID issue for some time.

I am absolutely in love with this guy. McClintock currently represents California's 4th Congressional District up in Northern Cal. I hope he runs for governor. In fact, how cool would it be to not only get Newsom recalled, but to replace him with McClintock. That would give me hope for California, and as a native Californian, I haven't felt hopeful about my state in a while.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Pathetic political "fact-checks" Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

We may be approaching the beginning of the end of It's Funny Cuz It's True. Because flat out lies aren't funny. 

Not an exaggeration.

At this point it would be funny if there wasn't so much at stake. And if there wasn't so much purposely widespread misinformation.

Seriously, your big tech/social media/mainstream media overlords don't want you to think for yourselves. They certainly don't want you asking questions and/or educating yourselves. They want you to take their marching orders without question.

You should ask yourselves why this is. Cough *useful pawns* cough.

H/T to Dana Loesch on Instagram for the Titanic meme.

Friday, November 13, 2020

These are all true, and I'll add one more

6. When you send your work out after going over it countless times. and then find typos. 😉

Via Scriptapalooza on Instagram.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Tiresome "fact-checks" are tiresome

The so-called "fact-checking" going on in social media, especially Twitter and Facebook, has really gotten out of control. I've been seeing tons of comments and complaints that the comments being added on to countless posts tend to be more opinion and agenda based than factual. So much so that although I thought this was hilarious, it also probably isn't far from the truth.

  👀 🙄

It would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic.