Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Television stuff

TNT orders a 1950's Hollywood-based noir pilot: Hollywood & Vine.  I'll watch that.  Hopefully it will fare better than Marlowe, which I was eagerly anticipating back in the day.

L.A. Times Magazine interviewed Dexter hisself, Michael C. Hall.  Personal favorite quote from the article:
Q: As an Angeleno now, is there a piece of Tinseltown iconography you love seeing?
A: Every time I take Fountain, I think of Bette Davis.
In case you don't know what he's talking about, he's referring to a quote from the legendary actress, who when asked if she had any advice for aspiring actors newly arrived in Hollywood, responded, "Take Fountain".  Fountain is a relatively small street in Hollywood that parallels (and serves as an alternate to) major streets like Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard, Santa Monica, Melrose and Wilshire.  She was asked for advice for actors and came back with advice on how to skirt the bigger, more traffic-laden streets.  Best part: It's true.  I take Fountain all the time.


Speaking of Dexter, check out these awesome Dexter-inspired posters, which according to the post are going to be available for purchase on Showtime's site.  Tempting...

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