Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Bennie Awards: Temp X's "Razzies for the small screen"

The always awesome Temp X of the The Hollywood Temp Diaries has a poll going on now for what he calls the Razzies for television. It's "The Bennie Awards", celebrating the worst of the small screen.
There were hundreds of prime time series in 2010 -- many of them glorified high school talent shows, people getting hit in the groin for cash or product placements disguised as dramas. The Bennies is your chance to vote on what sucked the most on TV last year.

From today through February 11, you can nominate your choices for Worst Program and Worst Actor/Actress/Reality Personality from 2010. New this year is the Pushing Daisies Award, recognizing the show least deserving of its untimely demise.
Here's how I voted (word for word):
Worst show (scripted or reality): I'm going to go with CSI, because they've been reduced to casting Justin Bieber. Twice.

Worst actor/actress/reality personality: Anything that answers to "Kardashian".

Pushing Daisies Award: Terriers
Voting is open through February 11. Get over there and vote!

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