Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogging fail

Have a few things to update, but Blogger was down for an extended period yesterday and today it's not uploading photos.  At some point when Blogger gets its crap together there will be catchup posts.

Update: The problem with uploading pictures has not been resolved, so I guess I can't post the fabulous pictures of the Hello Kitty wine (yes, you read that right) I snapped at the KTA in Keauhou today.  Although based on this hot mess, not being able to upload pics is the least of Blogger's problems right now.  I'm not sure exactly what happened during yesterday's "maintenance", but today some Blogger accounts have gone missing completely and who knows if they'll get them back or not.  What really sucks is that I logged back on to Typepad today in case I need to switch TLAT back there and realized that once I got the Blogger version of this baby launched, I deleted the Typepad version of it.  This means that if Blogger doesn't get its shit together soon, I get to manually copy the entire blog post by post to another host for the second time in a month.  Joy.

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