Friday, June 24, 2011

Welcome to Los Angeles, Mike Richards!

The Kings made a big fat trade yesterday: Kings acquire All-Star Center Mike Richards from Philadelphia.

After the initial shock of finding out we gave up prospect extraodinaire Brayden Schenn and fan favorite Wayne Simmonds, Kings Nation settled down to the realization that our team just go a whole lot better.

Ditto Real GM Lombardi

I don't follow other teams - especially east coast teams we rarely play - enough to play scout, so while I knew we got a great player in Richards, I was initially shocked Lombardi would even consider trading Schenn.  This concern was eventually offset by a post I saw explaining that Schenn is a Richards-type player, except now we have Richards without having to wait a few more years for Schenn develop to that point.  Richards is only 26 and signed long-term, so the future is now.  Plus, by shipping Schenn and Simmonds to the east coast, Lombardi minimizes the amount of them coming back to bite us in the ass that will occur, always a consideration as this has happened time and time again in the Kings history.  This is all good.

Another way of examining a trade is to check out the reaction of the other team's fans online, and Flyers Nation is reeling right now.  This trade - along with a couple other moves Philly made yesterday - prompted a Still a Flyers fan? poll on the HF boards.  Reactions from Kings fans on HF and at Lets Go Kings is a little more upbeat.

Lost in the shuffle of all this was the release of the 2011-12 season schedule yesterday morning right before the trade was announced.  More on that when I find the frigging print option button that doesn't seem to exist on that page.

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