Thursday, September 8, 2011

The future is now!

No sign of hoverboards yet, but Nike is set to release Nike Air Mags, aka the futuristic self-tightening sneaks from Back to the Future II:
In the original "Back to the Future Part II," the Mags would automatically tighten themselves around your foot, in addition to looking exactly like what someone in 1985 would expect 2015 sneakers to look like. Apparently, Nike finally broke the code on how to make sneakers tighten themselves up, and patented the technology last year.
Back to the Future trivia: Twin Pines/Lone Pine Mall scenes were filmed at the Puente Hills Mall, aka the big place to hang out during my Hacienda Heights high school years.  One day my Mom called to tell me something was being filmed at the mall.  Given the blahness of the location, we assumed it wasn't anything important.  We were wrong

It looks like Nike went back to the location to film ads for the new shoes:

Needless to say the mall has changed quite a bit over the years.  In addition to development of what was once a very rural surrounding area and a massive expansion in the 1990's, the L.A. Fitness was a JC Penney when Doc Brown perfected time travel via DeLorean.

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