Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Don't meet your idols. Not this one anyway...

Seriously, what kind of sick fuck even thinks up something like this, much less puts it in writing? (bold mine)
After Sedaris finished his monologue, 200 or more guests filed into a basement level "lobby" in the Ann Arbor Hill Auditorium. It was in here that I waited 2 hrs and 47 minutes for Sedaris to sign my one copy of When You Are Engulfed In Flames...

...Five years ago I started a small library of autographed books for my sons.  Currently they are 4 yrs. and 7 yrs...

...So last night I waited... 
I waited almost three hours last night for Sedaris to inscribe this for my two sons "Me cago en la crica de tu madre" or in English "I shit in your mother's pussy." 
My sadness and anger do not stem from Mr. Sedaris's lack of judgement or unapologetic humor, but from my own realization of a irreconcilable disappointment from a writer I used to really enjoy.
Sedaris is a best-selling and award-winning writer, but I think KBallen makes an extremely astute observation in her post when she suggests (again, bold mine), "Sedaris has always offered a digestible form of humor in his writing. Whether his humor takes this form in reality or whether his editors clean up his work before publication remains a mystery."  That mystery may have just been solved.

I haven't read any of his stuff, but Sedaris is considered a renowned humorist.  He is also an out and proud Gay, and I mention that because I think it's the reason KBallen's experience with him hasn't registered a peep on the internets.  That's right, the dreaded political correctness that I so despise because it's so hypocritical.  Seriously, if someone like, oh say, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter crudely signed a fan's book with, "I shit in your mother's pussy" it would be so fucking viral so fast there wouldn't be words to describe it or means to clock it.  And rightly so.

And keep in mind, this is what he signed for a fan.  Not someone he had a beef with or was hassled by, but someone who waited hours for the pitiful honor of getting his signature on a book for her little boys.  And Mr. Creative Genius came up with, "I shit in your mother's pussy" for a fan who wanted to add this signed book to a library she is compiling as a legacy for her young sons.

And to make matters worse - if that were possible - Sedaris knew who he was writing to.  He didn't just write, "I shit in your mother's pussy", he preceded it with "To Emmett & Harrison".  He knew he was writing this disgusting crap to her children.  Fucking disgusting perv.

I've seen a number of my favorite writers (James Ellroy, Joseph Wambaugh, John Cleese, Carol Burnett, Anthony Zuiker and James Manos, Jr. off the top of my head) in person and not one of them disappointed.  I didn't get autographs, but I'd bet good money none of these people would have signed something so disgusting and uncalled for.

I feel bad for KBallen and I hope she burns Sedaris' piece of shit book with its trashy, rude and ungrateful sentiment.  She and her boys deserve better.  And Sedaris deserves shit.

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