Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Of pool noodles and pet rocks

Awesome words of advice via The World of Steam:

Which reminded me of this thing: The legendary Pet Rock, which made its creator a millionaire.  And guess what...it's back!!!  But only as a limited edition, it would appear.  So tempting.  So very, very tempting.

My Dad had a Pet Rock back in the day, but it's long gone.  Too bad, that thing must be worth a freaking fortune.  I mean, it was an original Pet Rock, not one of these new cheap knockoffs that probably come from Tijuana.  Or China.  Harvested by child labor.

Although the "owner's manual" was famous for its humor, my favorite part was the packaging:

It's got holes in the box.  So it can breathe.

In my version, the pool noodle inventor is a totally dorky guy who is now laughing all the way to the bank and getting ALL. THE. CHICKS!  So yeah.  Let people laugh at your dreams all they want.  Just don't let them stop you.  Remember, success is the best revenge!

Pet Rock carrier image snicked from its Wikipedia page linked above.

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