Saturday, May 31, 2014

From the Department of It's Funny Cuz It's True: A Simple Guide to Launching a Hipster Restaurant

Courtesy of The Poke. Some of my personal favorites:
  • Serve your drinks in jars for absolutely no reason.
  • Coffee! Just go nuts! You need to sell at least 419 different variations of coffee.
  • Overprice everything. Call it artisan, or organic, or something.
  • Open your restaurant in a really shitty part of town. But state that it's "up and coming" and say something about gentrification.
I also like the suggestions about a pretentious name for your hipster restaurant. A few years ago someone opened "The Writer and The Coffee" in a strip mall on the corner of Sunset and Highland in Hollywood. It didn't last long - it hit the Los Angeles Health Department's Restaurant Closure list and ceased to exist shortly thereafter. Maybe they didn't have enough variations of coffee.

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