Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday morning at Writers' Police Academy

Here's the scenario: A suspected drunk driver flees a stop and crashes into a group of people setting up a yard sale.

The victims were played by EMS students. I had previously raved about their performances last year. Today, someone near me in the crowd told us that these exercises are part of their schooling and grades, and in addition that they also compete in collegiate competitions for staging scenes.

The "injured" laid scattered about, while dummies played the fatalities pinned under the car.

The guilty party still in the car.

Badly injured victim.

The police arrive to start taking stock of the situation.

Fire and rescue to the rescue.

Firefighters begin the process of getting the car up off the victims.

Officer demonstrates the "heel toe" method to the suspect.


One victim out from under the vehicle.

It wasn't until a paramedic simply lifted the other fatality up in her arms that I could tell it was a child. Throw the book at this guy!


All photos from this session are here.

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