Saturday, August 8, 2015

"The Grinder" - How did no one think of this before?

Years ago I had a job in at a post production company, where my duties included tracking TV shows in development. I got to see a lot of good ideas (and not so good ones) come and go. It was fun; I really enjoyed watching the development process. But these days I'm not so up on new shows, so I just stumbled across this one: Rob Lowe's new show The Grinder.
The Grinder stars Lowe as actor Dean Sanderson, star of the popular legal series. When his long-running hit comes to an end, he decides to move back to his small hometown thinking he has the experience to take over his family's law firm whose partners include his brother, an actual lawyer...
Celebrities seem to think they're experts on everything, or at least that their opinions on various topics are better and more important than the average person's, so I'm kind of surprised no one's done this yet. And I've seen Lowe skewer Hollywood brilliantly - if you've never seen Thank You For Smoking, do check it out. In addition to being a great flick, Lowe's performance as a pretentious Hollywood type is brief but hilarious.

Between the casting and the premise, The Grinder is going on my DVR. The FOX show premieres on September 29.

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