Monday, June 27, 2016

Birthday Bundt mania

My birthday this year was amazing for a number of reasons. On Friday, I got an email that had some great news. I have to keep quiet about it until the official announcement is made, which will happen on July 10. I can only give you a hint: it involves writing.

Another reason my birthday was awesome is because of this gift from my Mom:

I love you, Nordic Ware.

It's a pan for making individual pineapple upside-down cakes! Can't wait to use it.

Speaking of cakes, I kind of remembered at the last minute that I needed a birthday cake. I was strapped for time, so I busted out the swirly bundt pan and a dump cake book my Mom got me a couple years ago. I kind of sniffed at it at the time (I had just graduated from culinary school) but I needed something quick and easy, and this was quick and easy. I've also been thinking a lot lately about letting go of my inner food snob, so finally making something from this book was a nod to both that and to Mom. I made an apple pie cake and it was beautiful:

This pan can do no wrong. Seriously.

It was delicious too. We had it with vanilla ice cream. You know, kind of like apple pie a la mode.

We also had a wonderful lunch over at Tony P's. Mom and I love that place and we've been wanting to get The Brother over there for some time. I had some great mahi-mahi and one of their giant mai-tais. The Brother was impressed with their massive beer list.

All in all, just a great weekend. Hope yours was too!

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