Saturday, June 25, 2016

Master Class does it again: Aaron Sorkin teaches screenwriting

You gotta hand it to MasterClass - they do not do anything half-assed.

Aspiring thespian? Say hello to your instructors, Oscar-winners Dustin Hoffman and Kevin Spacey. Prefer to be behind a camera? Werner Herzog and Annie Leibovitz have your backs.

Want to sing like a canary? Warm up with Christina Aguilera and then hit the stage with Usher.

Aspiring novelist? World-dominating best-seller James Patterson at your service.

Not the artsy type? Tennis anyone? Grand Slam queen Serena Williams wants to take you to court.

And the hits just keep coming. MasterClass just announced their newest class and world-class instructor: Aaron Sorkin is teaching screenwriting. Yes, that Aaron Sorkin. The Social Network (which I love to death) guy, among other things. The Oscar and Emmy winning guy.

You know what is the most amazing thing about all these classes? $90 each. That's it. Ninety bucks and internet access. For that you can learn at the feet of the masters.

Of course I'm signing up. This alone sells it:

I'm talkin' to you, MasterClass

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