Monday, July 11, 2016

The end of Food Network Star recaps

After going back and forth the past week about whether or not I wanted to continue to recap Food Network Star, I've decided that as much as I hate to flake out on a project this show has just become too aggravating to continue. With the results of the past couple weeks and how annoying some of the remaining contestant(s) are, I've decided that continuing would be a waste of my time. I've got a project now that is much more important and worthy of my time, which I'll address in a future post.

The recaps take hours to do, sometimes a large chunk of the day, which I hadn't anticipated. I just have too many other projects I could be working on to justify wasting that kind of time on a show I've come to loathe. I guess I just needed a big fat reminder why I've only watched the show once or twice out of twelve seasons. Considering how few Food Network "stars" the series has actually produced, apparently I was expecting too much in terms of the quality and watchability of the contestants.

So now on to bigger and better things!


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