Friday, October 7, 2016

10 Things Only HGTV Addicts Understand

I don't really consider myself an HGTV addict, except when my Mom comes over to the beach for a few days to escape the periodic heatwave, and then it's all we watch because it's really the only TV viewing we have in common now that Downton Abbey and Poirot are done. And then it's hours and hours of Chip and Joanna and people with totally unrealistic expectations and those twin brothers who are simultaneously hot and kind of creepy. I don't know how they pull that off. Probably a twins thing.

But even with my rare HGTV binging, I totally got this: 10 Things Only HGTV Addicts Understand. The whole thing nails it, but here are a couple of my favorites:

Favorite lines include: "Oh, we'll just knock down that wall." "Let's just add a second story." "We can just move the bathroom to the first floor." "What do you mean load-bearing?" "Can't we just take it out?" "Oh my god, that carpet is hideous." "I can't live in a house with that color." 

The tears you shed knowing you could buy a home in Waco for next to nothing. CHIP AND JOANNA, WHY DO YOU TORTURE ME?

No kidding. Why does it have to be Waco? Why can't it be the beach here in Southern California, or the French Quarter in New Orleans, or Hawaii, or some other place I'd actually be open to living in? I know people with higher car payments than what some of these people are paying for their mortgages in Waco.

That feeling you get when you correctly guess which house they'll buy on House Hunters.

I have to say, House Hunters is pretty addictive, especially when they're in areas I'm either familiar with or would be open to living in. And then it becomes personal.

Whoever put this list together knows their HGTV shows. Check it out and H/T to Veranda on FB for the link.

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