Saturday, December 17, 2016

That old Disney magic

One of the things I learned on my trip to New Orleans is that when a ship (or in the case of my trip, a steamboat) sounds off, it's not just a random series of horn blasts.

On the Steamboat Natchez cruise (highly recommended by the way) we were informed that the boat announces its departure with one long blast of the steam whistle, followed by three bells, then another long blast of the steam whistle. When approaching the dock upon her return, the Natchez sounds off with this series of whistles: one long, two short, one long, two short.

Which brings us to this battle of the horns:

What can you do, Liberty of the Seas? Disney's gonna Disney!

H/T to Islands Magazine on Facebook for this one!

Update: Looks like cruise ship horn battles are an actual thing. Having never been on a cruise, I had no idea. Here are a bunch more to check out! Kiss the next few hours goodbye!

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