Wednesday, July 19, 2017

RIP Surfas (for now)

Surfas - or as one Yelper described it, Disneyland for foodies - has closed their California stores. The Orange County store is closed for good, but they are planning on reopening the Culver City store somewhere, at some point, and I'm hoping they're able stay in the area. But now, the wrecking ball has come for Surfas, whose location right across the street from the Culver City Expo Line Station proved too tempting for developers.

From their website:

The 80th Anniversary year of 2017 has been a year of unexpected events for Surfas. Coming into 2017 we had no plans for changes to our stores in California but we knew changes would be coming in 2018. Surfas sold the 8777 Washington Boulevard, Culver City store location a couple of years ago and anticipated vacating the property in 2018.


Shortly after the decision to close Surfas Costa Mesa our store location in Culver City was sold to Clarion Partners. The corner will become the location of HBO Headquarters with demolition of the building this Summer.


We are NOT giving this up! So...ninety days ago we began searching for a new Surfas LA location. We have negotiated multiple agreements but none have been finalized. Please know that we are as frustrated as you have told us you are to find ourselves in this position. But we are still aggressively searching because we know that we will find a location that is the right fit for us and for our customers.


Today, the Culver City Surfas store and cafe are closed and the wrecking crew is ready to roll...

So sad. I found some really cool stuff there and the location was really convenient. Really hope they come back soon and nearby.

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