Thursday, June 28, 2018

Chow down

Because I'm in total denial about packing to move, I decided an excellent use of my time would be blogging about the recent L.A. County Restaurant Closures! Right? Info is from the county, snarky comments are mine.

Lots of chains this time around, but let's get the snooty restaurant out of the way first:

Wood & Vine, 6280 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood
Date closed: 6/14/18
Date reopened: 6/16/18
Reason: Vermin infestation

Wood & Vine's website includes this lofty gem (bold mine):

Wood & Vine has moved to a service charge model, with the tip line on guest checks having been removed entirely and replaced with a 20% service charge that is not optional. This allows for a fairer distribution across our whole team and a system that is closer to providing a living wage to all of our staff.

In other words, even if your food and service are shitty, we're still forcing you to tip 20% and if you have a problem with that, you are an awful person who would like to see our staff living in poverty. You know, in case the vermin infestation thing wasn't a big enough turn-off to keep you away.

Note to self: avoid this place after the move I'm in total denial about but which is still happening in nine days:
Hollywood Noodle, 48 E. Live Oak, Arcadia
Date closed: 6/5/18
Date reopened: 6/7/18
Reason: Vermin infestation

When ya gotta go, ya gotta...?
55th Street Market, 5428 S. Hooper Avenue, Los Angeles
Date closed: 5/30/18
Date reopened: 5/31/18
Reason: No working toilet facility

Okay, now the chains:
Denny's, 3540 Peck Road, El Monte
Date closed: 6/25/18
Date reopened: Not given
Reason Vermin infestation

Rite Aid, 4633 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles
Date closed: 6/24/18
Date reopened: Not given
Reason: Vermin infestation

Jersey Mike's Subs, 19350 Nordhoff, Northridge
Date closed: 6/22/18
Date reopened: Not given
Reason: Vermin infestation

Sizzler, 853 W. Palmdale Boulevard, Palmdale
Date closed: 6/19/18
Date reopened: 6/19/18
Reason: No Water/Hot Water

Baskin Robbins, 603 E. University Drive, Carson
Date closed: 6/15/18
Date reopened: 6/17/18
Reason: Vermin infestation, Sewage discharge, Inspection Score Less Than 70

As a big fan, this one made my heart hurt:
Bob's Big Boy, 8876 Corbin Avenue, Northridge
Date closed: 5/30/18
Date reopened: 6/1/18
Reason: Vermin infestation

Happy eating! Don't forget to tip your waitstaff (not you, Wood & Vine).

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