Friday, January 18, 2019

With a name like that, no wonder she's a sex offender

But that's not the point of this post. Ahem:

Cletorious. Aretha. Fry.

The Virginia Department of Corrections is looking for Fry, a parolee, after she removed an ankle bracelet and bailed. But that's not what got the internet's attention. It was her name. You have to check out the whole article (and I dare you to read it without laughing like a hyena), but here are a few choice comments:

One woman questioned whether or not male officers should even attempt to look for Fry in the first place.

"Well, I'd say men will have a tough time finding her," she wrote.

"I mean if they do find her, will they even know what to do with her?" another woman asked.

One plausible suggestion was that she might be out "trying to find that guy that licked a doorbell for 3 hours."

"Can you believe the 8000 nerve endings of this woman?" a disgusted commenter said.

Other commenters suggested looking for her "in the bush" or "in a hood". Heh.

H/T to Blue Lives Matter on FB. Pic snicked from their article.

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