Friday, February 15, 2019

The "Breaking Bad" movie is coming and it may rip our hearts out

Those of us who hoped that after the Breaking Bad finale Jesse Pinkman drove off to a future that delivered him from his Walter White/meth cooking past (and all the heartache involved) are probably about to be sadly disappointed: Breaking Bad Movie: The Dark Road Ahead for the Aaron Paul Sequel.

Realistically, Jesse's future just couldn't be as simple as him zipping off to a carefree life in the wilds of Alaska with no repercussions. Certainly not in the hands of Vince Gilligan and his equally genius cohorts.

I'm really looking forward to this. I'm also wondering how this could tie into Better Call Saul, and how and if these shows and worlds will intersect. But the writers involved are just brilliant and I'm willing to go along for whatever ride they have planned for us, no matter how painful it might be where Jesse's concerned. We've seen that Saul Goodman's future as Gene the Cinnabon manager has been soul-crushing. I'm guessing that no matter how much fans might want to see a happy ending for these characters, it's just not to be. It's just not realistic, and Gilligan and his writing staff have never taken the fairy tale ending approach. I'm expecting maximum gut punching and I wouldn't expect anything less from this crew. They are truly gifted, and they will not let the characters nor the viewers off easily. And that doesn't even begin to address the ultimate fate of fan favorite Kim Wexler, so prominent in Better Call Saul, but non-existent in Breaking Bad.

If you've never watched Breaking Bad and/or Better Call Saul, I recommend that you start now, whether you stream them on Netflix or watch on DVD. You will want to be up to speed and ready to go when this movie is released. You won't be disappointed, I can guarantee you that. Breaking Bad was one of the greatest shows in the history of television, and Better Call Saul has proved to be a worthy predecessor. You are going to want to be ready for when the Jesse Pinkman movie is released. Vince Gilligan & Co. are freaking geniuses and it's your loss if you don't board this train. The Breaking Bad movie might be brutal and it might be heartbreaking, but it will also be glorious and amazing, and like nothing you've seen before. And that is the genius of great writing.

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