Thursday, January 30, 2020

Assholes of Twitter

Twitter can be a real insane asylum sometimes. Did I say insane asylum? I meant total shit show. When I see some of the things people post on that platform, I find myself marveling at how misinformed, nasty, uncivilized, and awful people feel free to be, especially when they feel emboldened by not having to actually face the Twitter peeps they're spouting off to. I'd bet good money most are spineless keyboard warriors that would fold in a face-to-face debate.

What's really crazy is that these jackasses are often the most blatant practitioners of the very intolerant behavior and faults they like to accuse others of wallowing in. You know, bigot, racist, homophobe, misogynist, hater, and lots of other buzzwords that have lost their meaning due to chronic abuse and misuse. You know, these people:

But this one really scraped the bottom of the barrel, even for Twitter:

The "stepping away for a bit" post isn't anything unusual. People being treated like shit to the point of needing to take a break (while Twitter doesn't do a damn thing about it because they're too busy shutting down opposing political viewpoints) is nothing new to this particular version of the Wild West. It's the person who was being bullied in this particular case that set me off. Who is Tank Schottle on Twitter, you ask? Well, he's this guy:

That's right. A Special Olympian. Which is a new low even for batshit crazy Twitter critters.

I don't know who bullied Tank Schottle and I'm not going to waste my time on the offending posts and the resultant weeping for humanity caused by the knowledge that this piece of shit walks among us. I've been on Twitter long enough to know how unreasonable - and often scary - some of those people can be. I'm just not in the mood to pull on the boots and slog through some unhinged garbage that some chicken-shit asswipe thinks makes him look like a big man on the Twitter campus.

I hope after the initial sting wears off that Tank gets back in the Twitter saddle and continues to be one of the people that keep it from becoming completely unpalatable. I did try to help in some small way:

But as you probably noticed, 280 characters wasn't enough for my wrath, so say hello to this blog post.

It's been a while since I had a good old-fashioned blog rant. Feels pretty good, in case you were wondering. 😹

Updated: Can't keep a good man down!

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