Sunday, January 19, 2020

TV Time!

There are so few TV shows that draw me in these days, but in recent days I've discovered a few upcoming ones that I'm definitely looking forward to. Here they are:

1) Hulu has announced a new show starring Steve Martin and Martin Short as true crime nuts who find themselves involved in a real life crime investigation. The as-yet untitled show has been ordered to series.

Let's face it, those of us who watch and read a lot of true crime often find ourselves wondering what we would do if we got tangled up in an investigation. I can tell you one thing: If someone asked me to help them kill their spouse or talked about wanting them dead, I would call the cops immediately. A lot of people don't, assuming the person making the statement isn't serious and/or just blowing off steam. It's kind of sad thinking how many people could have avoided being murdered if those threats had been taken seriously and reported immediately.

2) I decided to put HBO's new space comedy Avenue 5 on the DVR after seeing a commercial that makes it look like a lot of fun. Hopefully it fulfills its promise, because if it does it should be a kick. This article fleshes out the concept and characters.

Updated 2/2/20: Three episodes and out. It's painful to watch something try so hard to be brilliantly quirky and end up just painfully pretentiously and amateurishly quirky. Can't believe this is the same network that brought us the brilliant Barry. Laters, Avenue 5.

3) Lifetime will air Surviving Jeffrey Epstein this summer. It will be interesting to see what names producers and the network will be willing to mention and how deep of a dive into Epstein's "suicide" they're willing to take. It will also be interesting to see what kind of unfortunate accidents they have if they name really big names or dig too deeply into the scandalous circumstances of Epstein's demise.

Happy viewing!

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