Monday, June 22, 2020

Public Service Announcement: Phishing seems to be on the rise

I've gotten several of these recently. Maybe since people are stuck at home they feel like people are more vulnerable to scams. The recent ones were from "Apple" and "Amazon". The newest one claimed to be from PayPal. It wasn't.

The scams claim that your accounts are being locked or that your mode of payment needs to be updated. Yeah, right. You can click to biggify to get a better look at it.

If you get one of these, just check out the sender's email address.
This is a dead giveaway that they're not who they say they are.

So much to pick apart here. First, how would they know there was suspicious activity on my credit cards? Ridiculous. Oh, and give us your credit card info then wait five days before doing anything? Again, ridiculous. The sad thing is thinking that there are people who will fall for this.

If you get one, search under "phishing" and the name of the company it's supposedly from. That will give you an address to forward the email to so the scam can be investigated.

Be careful out there!

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