Saturday, October 31, 2020

October Words of Wisdom

An ocean breeze puts the mind at ease. --Unknown

Do not worry. You have always written before and you will write now. --Ernest Hemingway

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. --Jane Austen

If you accomplish something good with hard work, the labor passes quickly, but the good endures. If you do something shameful in pursuit of pleasure, the pleasure passes quickly but the shame endures. --Gaius Musonius Rufus

Social media made y'all way too comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the face for it. --Mike Tyson

America is a deeply moral nation and it has a set of founding principles upon which that morality is based. --Mike Pompeo

Tears come from the heart, not from the brain. --Leonardo da Vinci

Now more than ever, your home should be a sanctuary. --Debbie Jones-Permenter

No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth. --Plato

Happiness is the greatest middle finger of all time. --Unknown

People who have achieved success are often referred to as "privileged", especially by the intelligentsia. Achievements used to be a source of inspiration for others but have been turned into a source of grievance for those without comparable achievements. --Thomas Sowell

An evil enemy will burn his own nation to the rule over the ashes. 
--Sun Tzu

People think I'm anti-social because I don't join their conversations. The truth is, I don't give a damn what they're talking about most of the time. --Heath Ledger

Big media companies, no one believes you any more. You lost your credibility a long time ago. --Elon Musk

When I was at home I was in a better place. --William Shakespeare

Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future. --Deepak Chopra

The strength of a nation drives from the integrity of the home. --Confucius

Infecting the minds of our youth with what passes today for education but what clearly has morphed, over the years, into simple indoctrination, may have a worse effect than illness. --Sam Sorbo

If socialists understood economics, they wouldn't be socialists. --Fredrich von Hayek

I need a break from all the noise. I want to breathe clean air, swim in clear blue water and listen to the stillness. I want to be out where things are simple and every breath is a reminder that there is still beauty and magic left in this world. --Brooke Hampton

We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are. --Max Depree

All conditioned things are impermanent. Work on your own salvation with diligence. --Buddha

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