Saturday, April 17, 2021

Publishing update...or lack thereof

I expected to have two more short stories published by now. But a few things have conspired against us (*cough* COVID *cough*) and right now I have little to nothing to report.

The Fish That Got Away (from the Sisters in Crime Guppy group) was scheduled for a March release, but between COVID and the departure of an editor who shepherded Guppy anthologies in the past, we seem to have slipped down the publisher's food chain. In fairness to them these anthologies aren't money makers for anyone involved, and they do have a business to run. Right now it seems like we're looking at a July release (hopefully).

Avenging Angelenos (from Sisters in Crime/Los Angeles) should have come out right about now, since SinC/LA releases their anthologies in conjunction with the annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books in April. The FOB was cancelled last year, and this year's is virtual April 17-18. But I haven't heard anything about this anthology in months and if it was on target we would have gotten cover art by now. Again, not a money maker for anyone involved and I don't want to be perceived as badgering people who are taking time out of their own lives and writing time to make this happen, but it's looking like it isn't going to happen this month. Beyond that I don't know. I'm just waiting to hear from them and I'll go from there. Really looking forward to seeing this anthology get out there - my editor on this one was really complimentary about the story. 

And unfortunately, that all the news that's fit to print right now. 

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