Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Recent reading: Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine

Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine (September/October 2021)

I've decided to start including these because they're basically collections of short stories - some of which are damn good - and the mag is big enough that it does take a while to get through, so it does require an investment of time and attention.

My personal favorite this issue is the cover story, "Glass", by James R. Benn, in which an iPad time-travels to1960's rural Texas where a couple of guys down on their luck find a most unique way to plagiarize a future author. "No God West of Hays" is a tough, terrific western written by someone (Eric B. Ruark) who clearly knows the genre. Other favorites in this issue are "The Shoemaker's Children" by Tom Savage and revenge tale "Ice Ice Baby" by Barb Goffman.

From the magazine's website: Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine is one of the oldest and most influential magazines of short mystery and crime fiction in the world. Launched over 60 years ago, today AHMM maintains a tradition of featuring both promising aspiring writers and talented authors, spanning the full spectrum of sub-genres from dark noir to graphic works.

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