Wednesday, December 1, 2021

NaNoWriMo Final Progress Report - SUCCESS!!!

I finally made it over the 50k line Saturday night. Here's how it played out:
Day 22 (Monday)
Words written: 2,822 / Total words: 34,305
Day 23 (Tuesday)
Words written: 3,203 / Total words: 37,508
Day 24 (Wednesday)
Words written: 1,909 / Total words: 39,417
Day 25 (Thursday/Thanksgiving)
Words written: 764 / Total words: 40,181
Badge earned:

Day 26 (Friday)
Words written: 2,247 / Total words: 42,428

Day 27 (Saturday)
Words written: 2,835 / Total words: 45,263 (this put me back on track to finish 50k words by Nov. 30)

Day 28 (Sunday)
Words written: 2,587 / Total words: 47,850

Day 29 (Monday)
Words written: 2.284 / Total words: 50,133
Badge earned:

Day 30 (Tuesday)
Words written: 2,686 / Total words: 52,819

Sisters in Crime had write-ins two days a week Monday through Saturday, plus Twitter sprints that I didn't participate in because I dumped Twitter some time ago, so the amount of support they provided to their members was beyond generous and the reason I finally had my first NaNoWriMo success after several failures.

It was a great experience and I'm almost sorry it's over. The amount of writing I got done was phenomenal. There were only two days in the entire month that I didn't write at all and they were both Sundays, the only day there weren't any SinC write-ins. Not a coincidence.

See you next November, NaNo!

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