Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kings 8, Ducks 3 (It's only preseason, but if they both want to keep playing like this...)

I don't normally pay much attention to preseason hockey.  Not sure why, I just don't get interested until opening night, when the games start to actually count.  But this headline got my hockey-loving attention:

Kings should be good . . . but THIS good?  Yes, it's only an exhibition, but L.A.'s 8-3 victory over the defense-challenged Ducks could be an indication of what the regular season might hold in store for the Southland teams.

Besides the fact that it's so loooong (because we need another reason to bag on the L.A. Times) if this is in fact what's in store for both teams this season, then I am going to be one really happy and smug Kings fan.  It's enough for me for the Kings to be successful, but if the Quacks want to epic fail at the same time that works too.

Regular season starts October 8 (aka my Dad's birthday) at Detroit for the Ducks and October 9 at Vancouver for my wicked-awesome Kings.  Wow.  Opening against the Red Wings.  In Detroit.  Just get out the roasting pans now.
QuackstoasterYou...yes you...are toast!

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