Friday, September 17, 2010

Parking 'tard, Miracle Mile

I emerged from the Ralphs on Wilshire Boulevard this afternoon to this cheery sight:


Why yes, that is my little blue Corolla in a space clearly marked "COMPACT".  The massive truck next to it, also in a spot clearly marked "COMPACT" and parked waaaay too close to the aforementioned Little Blue: Not mine.  I can read.  Also, I can park.

I considered waiting for the idiot truck owner to come out so I could congratulate him on his selfish stupidity, but opted for opening my door as hard as I could.  I had just enough room to slip in.  I didn't look, but I'm hoping this particular shade of blue shows up really well on his paint job.  Too bad I didn't have a heavier door, I could have really left a sign of my regard for his parking idiocy.

The truck was actually sticking out into the lane.  Maybe next time he can just park on top of my car.  I mean, if you want the world to know you park like a jackass, go all out.

Fuzzy photo taken with my Crackberry.

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