Thursday, October 7, 2010

For your reading pleasure: A completely unhinged review of "Secretariat" in which the story of a racehorse is compared to Leni Riefenstahl-style master race propaganda

Secretariatmovie Seriously, I think this guy needs help.  Or maybe medication.  Possibly both: Andrew O'Hehir "reviews" Secretariat for Salon.  This is just from the first paragraph:
But the welcoming glow that imbues every corner of this nostalgic horse-racing yarn with rich, lambent color comes from within, as if the movie itself is ablaze with its own crazy sense of purpose. (Or as if someone just off-screen were burning a cross on the lawn.) its totality "Secretariat" is a work of creepy, half-hilarious master-race propaganda almost worthy of Leni Riefenstahl, and all the more effective because it presents as a family-friendly yarn about a nice lady and her horse.
Read the whole thing.  It's like getting a peek into the disturbed mind of someone who so despises anyone who doesn't march in lockstep (see what I did there!!!) with his way of thinking that he will take any opportunity to lash out, no matter how misplaced his anger is and no matter how inappropriate or unwarranted the venue.  Notice he couldn't even get through the article's subtitle without invoking the Tea Party, which has nothing to do with racism or the 1973 Triple Crown.  Trust me, I'm familiar with at least two of the three.

I'm surprised he didn't complain about Secretariat having so many white socks.

Secretariat_Derby Secretariat in his deceptive blue & white Meadow Stable colors, rushing to his next Klan meeting.  I wasn't able to find a picture of him in his usual white sheets.

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