Friday, November 5, 2010

What's wrong with this picture?

Via L.A. Observed, here's a shot from KCBS Sports Anchor Jim Hill's report on the Kings 1-0 victory over Tampa Bay last night, which gave L.A. a league-leading 18 points.  Not just best in the west, best in the entire league.  Also, notice anything odd?

Jimhill-sactokings Sacramento Kings shut out the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Incredible accomplishment for an NBA team.

Seriously, no one at Channel 2 caught this?  Not one person noticed that not only is it not the L.A. Kings logo, but didn't recognize the Sacramento Kings logo either, or noticed that it says Sacramento and not Los Angeles?  Really?  Even if they don't give a crap about hockey, you'd think they'd at least twig to an NBA logo.

They also chopped off the top of the Lightning's logo.  Apparently the Sacramento Kings actually defeated the lampa Bay Lightning.  So with the technology they've got, they still couldn't size it correctly?

I wonder if Hill mentioned that last night's game marked the return of Drew Doughty from a concussion.  Doubt it.  I would be surprised if he knows who Doughty (or anyone else on the Kings) is.

Amateurs.  Yet another example of why I get my news from the internet and not local media.

Image snicked from L.A. Observed article linked above.

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