Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Not The Los Angeles Kings

Homeplatelogo A bunch of fake L.A. Kings accounts have popped up on Twitter recently and I have to say, they are amusing as hell.

So far I've found the following: Not Matt GreeneNot Drew DoughtyNot a Big Red Dog (Kyle Clifford), Not The Hand of Zus (Michal Handzus), The Mitch 33 (Willie Mitchell), AmeriJack3 (Jack Johnson), LAKScapegoat (Kevin Westgarth) and NAWiskey (Davis Drewisky).

There's also a fake Fake Jim Fox! Whoa!

Our goalies are so freaking awesome they each have two fake accounts.  Real Jonathan Quick is currently being impersonated online by Fake Jon Quick and the wonderfully named No Goals For You.  Unfortunately this name did not apply during our game at San Jose the other night when Quick's Jedi Mind Tricks powers deserted him and he uncharacteristically coughed up four goals before being yanked in the second period.  If you haven't heard about said Jedi powers, check out this save versus the Calgary Flames last month where Quick redirected the puck with his mind.  Seriously, it's been all over the internets.  Get with it.

Backup goalie Jonathan Bernier pulls double Twitter duty as Not Jon Bernier and GoalieLikeG6 (I have no idea what that name means, although I feel like I should be getting it and will feel like an idiot when someone explains it to me).

So far the only fake King following me back is Fake Jon Quick, who castigated me for calling him fake while simultaneously advising me to ignore his fake name.  I want to believe in you Jonathan Quick, I really do.  Please crush the Yotes tonight so we can lock up that playoff spot and the fiasco at the Shark Tank will be forgiven and never spoken of again.

Apparently there's no love for a fake Anze Kopitar, although with Kopi rehabbing after ankle surgery maybe he'll have time to set up a Real Anze account.  Kings fans would love that.

I'm only aware of two Kings players who are on the Twitters for reals: Our Captain Dustin Brown and the recently recalled Oscar Moller, who really needs to update his location.

I can't believe the season is ending this weekend.  It feels like just a couple months ago that The Bro and I were at his favorite sports bar watching our boys open the season with a shootout win over Vancouver.  That was October.  Now all of a sudden it'sApril and for hockey fans that means only one thing: Playoffs start next week!  Go Kings!!!

4/7/11 Update: Add Fake Coach to the list!  Also, the Kings finally clinched a playoff spot last night with a shootout (Quick strikes again) victory over the Yotes. Next up: Try to sweep the final two games - home and away - versus the Quacks to try and nail down home ice advantage in the first round.  Go Kings!!!

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