Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Bin Laden news

This just in: Osama Bin Laden is still dead.

Looking out for Numero Uno: Pathetic to the end, Osama used his wife as a human shieldUpdate: The story now is that she either jumped in front of him or lunged at the Navy Seals in a threatening manner, rather than Osama using her as a shield.  Hopefully the story isn't being sanitized to spare the delicate sensibilities of The Dead One's fellow peace-loving Muslims.  Regardless of what happened, you would really think and hope our powers that be would have the story straight before revealing it to the world.

<Ricky Ricardo voice> Looks like Paaahkeeestaaan has some 'splainin to do! </Ricky Ricardo voice>

And from Twitter, this: OsamaInHell.  Some choice tweets:

In addition to giving voice to Osama In Hell, Twitter served as the most up to the moment source for ongoing news about the operation.

Speaking of Twitter, there was also this: The guy in Abbottabad who inadvertently live-tweeted the whole thing as it went down.

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