Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More things to make me homesick for the City of Angels

Via Hidden Los Angeles (oh thank you thank you thank you for posting this!), it's L.A. Light:

Per the filmmaker: I sought out to capture the electric radiance of Los Angeles at night.  Mission accomplished, sir!

So much to love about this: That fact that it's night (I've gotten to the point where I so much prefer night to day), the Hollywood Sign looking down on the city, glass elevators zipping up and down what I believe is the Westin Bonaventure Hotel, planes looking like UFO's heading into LAX, the spirograph design created by the ferris wheel at the Santa Monica Pier, traffic lights flipping red and green in front of Disney Hall, and all the city lights.  Just gorgeous.  As much as I love ocean views, the fact is that city views seriously rock.  I wanted to move into that place around the 00:37 mark just for the view until on a subsequent viewing I realized it was still the Hollywood Sign, not the inside of a building.

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