Thursday, January 5, 2012

Twitter: Bringing celebrities and normal people together since, oh, very recently

The Kings had the day off Tuesday and forward Mike Richards spent at least some of it lazily contemplating whether or not it was time to dismantle his Christmas tree.  So he did what we all do these days - he hopped on to Twitter for advice:

Kings fans were happy to jump in and help out.  At first, the advice was practical and helpful:

(Yes, I know, his avatar...)

Then the inevitable snarky advice started up:

Of course I offered up my two cents worth:

Between being Brushfire Nation and the recent arsons, we 
Angelenos are a tad touchy about the flammables.

That's right, since my previous observations, I've come to the conclusion that my Christmas-obsessed neighbor must have a fake tree.  There no way this apartment building still stands uncharred if it's real.

But the point here is that I just love how much Twitter has decreased the distance and contact between people in the public eye and those who keep them there.  A few Kings fans, myself included, had a quick, informal chat about how long you can safely keep your Christmas tree going before it goes down in flames with Mike Freaking Richards, just like we would amongst our non-celebrity selves.  And that is absolutely awesome.

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