Friday, September 6, 2013

Grauman's Chinese Theatre converts to IMAX

I have to admit I haven't paid much attention to the old neighborhood since moving last year.  I'd pretty much burned out on living in Hollywood and my return to the beach (and blessedly cooler weather) was a long time coming, much longer than I'd ever anticipated.  By the time I finally left, my enthusiasm for the area had sadly evaporated and I haven't been back since. 

This news, however, will definitely get me back for a visit: Via Curbed L.A., behold the glory that is one of the largest IMAX screens in the world being installed in the Chinese Theatre.  Per Curbed:
The theater will reopen on September 15 with the world premiere of the Imax 3D release of The Wizard of Oz--those flying monkeys are gonna be so huge and comin' right for ya.
I haven't said this in quite some time, but hooray for Hollywood!

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