Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Why you need to check out this $40,000 TV on Amazon

That's right, a $40k television.  But the best part of it is the comments.  Be sure to scroll down and check them out.  Some of the gems:
My wife and I bought this after selling our daughter Amanda into white slavery.

And as far as this being a $40,000 "dumb" TV, people need to re-read my initial post: WE BOUGHT IT REFURBISHED. It was only $30,000.

I was going to fund my daughters wedding in Hawaii, but I figured this Samsung TV would last much longer.  

I am coming back from the future to write this review, and to let everyone know you can buy this TV for $699 in 2015. It still looks great though. 

I dont actually have cable access so this is currently being used as a dry erase board, but is an attractive addition to my command center. Thats what I call my bedroom. 

Mr. Carson loves the addition to the library. The family could not be more pleased. Bates will never walk again as it fell when the footmen were bringing it in, but for 10k off, we consider it a noble sacrifice.

The sacrificial offering of my first born child was not enough of an offering for Samsung. They would only accept and arm and a leg for this TV; which I gladly did. I have to admit that it's been difficult typing with only one hand and I have to hop to get to the TV room. 
I was watching the Kardashian's on it, and as soon as Kim was on the screen .... BOOOOM ... I got herpes. It's THAT lifelike.
 I have to wonder how many of these babies they actual sell. 

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