Saturday, February 1, 2014

What we learned in culinary school this week: Week 4

We covered beurre blanc sauce on Monday, which is basically a white sauce finished with butter.

Tuesday was our first field trip, to Stumptown Coffee for coffee tasting. Stumptown is in the Arts District area of downtown L.A. and parking is at a minimum, so we were encouraged to carpool. Due to a combination of a mixup and me being a bit late, I missed my carpool and had to drive out there solo. First I had trouble finding the place because the directions were screwy, then I couldn't find parking for blocks. The Arts District may be gentrifying, but it hasn't gentrified enough for me to feel comfortable leaving my car out in the middle of nowhere. I've always trusted my gut instinct on this stuff and it's always served me well. The area is really desolate and deserted. After about twenty minutes of driving around for blocks looking for parking, I finally gave up. I went back to Culver City, picked up breakfast, then went back to the school and spent the rest of the school day studying. The class never got back and I finally left. It turned out that after Stumptown, they went to some spice place that they didn't seem too enthused about (they told me I hadn't missed anything).

The rest of the week was reviews of sauces, soups and knife skills. Made it!

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