Friday, May 29, 2015

Another Kids in the Hall list: The best of Season 1 (Part 1)

Update: Just realized this was just the first disc of Season 1. Since this is already a long post, I'm going to go disc by disc (three per season, the fourth discs are extras).

With The Kids in the Hall on tour, the internet has been inundated with "top sketches" lists. Since I'm seeing the Kids next week, I thought I'd binge-watch the series and make my own top sketches lists, season by season. First up, of course, Season 1, along with video when available.

"Ballet" (Episode 1)
Mark as the matriarch of a dance academy and Kevin as her supposedly most-gifted student. Favorite part: when Mark utters, "And one more thing. I'm kidding," and bursts into laughter.

"Oh God, I need a drink."

"Crushing Your Heads (Parts 2 and 3)" (Episode 1)
The first sketch to take on one of the Kids favorite targets: corporate drones. In the first segment the Head Crusher flattens the heads of said drones and a bike messenger. In the second one (no video) he goes after a Ralphie Parker-like child who earns his enmity because the kid wants to be businessman when he grows up.

"I just renamed your firm Merrill, Lynch 
and the Flatheads!"

"Cause of Cancer" (Episode 1)
Dave announces that during rehearsals the Kids stumbled across the cause of cancer. Spoiler alert: it's a not very contrite Bruce.

"I'm sorry I caused all that throat cancer and 
all that bowel cancer. I was just on a roll."

"Sketch Comedy" (Episode 2)
A listless Dave explains the art of sketch comedy with a "what if" premise...that premise being what if a man (Scott) wakes up to discover that his chest had been colonized by Spain.

"I claim this chest for Mother Russia. 
Good morning!"

"Womyn" (Episode 2)
Pretty much on everyone's list of top Kids sketches. The guys are playing cards when Dave gets a little emotional, leading to each of the Kids getting in touch with their feminine sides.

"I just want to have a period, that's all. 
Just one a month, okay?"

"Citizen Kane" (Episode 3)
Dave is trying to remember the name of the movie he watched the night before. It's a classic about a newspaper tycoon played by Orson Welles, and there's a sled called Rosebud, but he's insistent it wasn't Citizen Kane, sending Kevin over the edge.

"You want a mortician! You want mortician!"

"Country Doctor" (Episode 4)
Dave as a country doc with no sense of urgency whatsoever, so much so that the wife (Kevin) of a dying farmer (Scott) has to save him herself by literally fighting off the Grim Reaper.

"You know, Mrs. Parker's expectin'. One of mine."

"Crushing Disco 1" (Episode 5)
Return of the Head Crusher, who mocks and head crushes the beautiful people (and wanna-be beautiful people) waiting to be admitted into a trendy club.

"Won't those flatheads be a sensation, eh?
They'll say Nancy, who's your head crusher?
 Me, by appointment only!"

"Running Faggot" (Episode 6)
Scott (the troupe's resident gay) plays the title character, a not-heterosexual folk hero who helps a young'un (Kevin) care for his puppy and then averts an Indian massacre - among other things - as he roams the old west, serenaded by Mark and Bruce.

"Godspeed through Texas, faggot."

"Flogging" (Episode 6)
A couple of uptight executives (Dave and Kevin) head to the gym to blow off some steam. It's not what you think. The title is literal. (No video). "No, I'm serious. Pack your things and be out in half an hour."

"Can I Keep Him?" (Episode 6)
A young boy (Bruce) adopts a stray businessman (Kevin), but eventually has to reluctantly return him to his own (corporate) world. One of Kevin's best performances.

"Mom, Mr. Stevenson is sick. He's off his martinis."

Now on to Season 2.

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