Friday, July 24, 2015

Dinner last night

Mahi-mahi sauteed with butter, olive oil, garlic and lemon. Angel hair pasta with heirloom cherry tomatoes and basil, tossed in pan drippings. Roasted organic rainbow carrots. Garlic bread.

The mahi-mahi was bought frozen at the grocery store. Just a reminder, if you're going to freeze your fish, buy it already frozen. This is probably the only time I would buy fish at a grocery store that isn't Whole Foods. Trader Joe's also has good frozen mahi-mahi.

The angel hair pasta is De Cecco, an Italian brand you can buy in any grocery store. The heirloom cherry tomatoes were also a grocery store purchase (obviously I need to get to a farmer's market). The basil was from my plant, which miraculously is thriving instead of dying a horrible death like most of my plants usually do (in fact, their all doing really well right now).

The bread is La Brea Bakery's Take & Bake French Baguette. This is the same bread we used at culinary school and it's some of the best bread I've ever had. I had made garlic butter earlier in the day with basil (gotta get some mileage out of that plant).

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