Thursday, August 27, 2015

Writers' Police Academy - Day 3, Part 1 (Saturday)

Saturday was our second day at Fox Valley Training Center and we kicked off the day being treated to a pursuit and takedown of a bank robbery suspect after a few laps around town:

Larceny Laurie, not going down without a fight.

Larceny Laurie goes down...


Cast of characters, with our host/Fox Valley 
liaison Joe LeFevre.

You might notice a couple things in these pictures. First, the presence of Dan Feucht (who taught the Bloodstain Pattern and Advanced Fingerprinting classes) hanging out in a doorway in the "hotel", along with his adorable grandson, who helped him out in the classroom as well. And yes, that is a plane in the background of the first pic. The training center includes a Boeing 727 and WPA used it for a session called "Tactics for Handling the Unruly Plane Passenger". Needless to say, my fear of flying made that one easy to pass up. This plane has been used for training by the TSA and FBI.

Yep, there it is. Just sitting there.

The CSI Effect: Real vs. Reel (Instructor: Mike Black)
The differences between how things work in the world of CSI and its spinoffs versus the real world is always a hot topic at crime writing conferences. Since they do actually call it CSI in Appleton, it seemed like they embraced it a little more than usual.

And what are the major differences? Well, they can be summed up with these slides:

More photos from WPA 2015 can be seen here.

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