Thursday, September 17, 2015

You know, I felt sorry for the Texas briefcase clock kid until facts

When I first heard about this story (and by heard about, I mean just the headline), I thought it was going to be another example of this kind of crap. You know, knee-jerk PC crap over a kid doing innocent, unintentional kid stuff. Then I actually read the story and saw a picture of the "clock" he built.

This is a picture of the clock in my dining room:

This is the clock on my stove:

And the clock on my microwave:

You get the idea.

Now, this next picture is not of a clock. It's a picture of a suitcase bomb:

Pic snicked from here.

And now, the "clock" made by that kid in Texas:

Pic snicked from here.

Go ahead, tell me what time it is according to that thing.

Yeah, suddenly this story takes on a whole new dimension. Like, it was completely understandable that they thought it might be something other than a clock. In fact, if my kid was at that school, I would be pissed that they didn't evacuate the school and call the cops and bomb squad immediately.

Then you know who had to weight in:

Maybe next time Mr. Science Genius decides to build a clock, he can make it actually look somewhat clock-like, as opposed to decidedly bomb-like. Maybe something that doesn't look like an item that would send the Secret Service into a panic.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry that's not a bomb either. it's a honeywell security salesman demo kit.