Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Screencraft Short Story Contest - done and done

Repurposed two short stories that I had written for other contests for Screencraft's Short Story Contest. I wrote Come Fly With Me for the last NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Contest and it did pretty well, so I decided to use it again. I also submitted Shark, a retitled and greatly expanded version of If These Floors Had Talked. I'm pretty happy with both stories.

One of the options that Screencraft offers for entries is feedback (for an additional fee, of course). The feedback from NYC Midnight on Come Fly With Me was encouraging and I'm interested to see what kind of feedback I'll get on Shark. Either way, it should be helpful for using the stories for other competitions in the future. It doesn't sound like I'll have to wait too long to find out - according to the confirmation emails, quarter-finalists will be announced sometime in January and feedback is usually received within three weeks of entry. Looking forward to it.

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