Thursday, June 16, 2016

More Bundt-mania: Banana Bundt Bread!

I had a trio of bananas that had seen better days, so I did the only thing I could - I threw them away. KIDDING!!! When life gives you bananas that have seen better days, you make banana bread!

My go-to banana bread recipe is from culinary school. It's really simple and always turns out well.

Since I'm still stuck on my swirly Bundt pan (actual name: Heritage Bundt Pan) I decided to use that for the bread. So much more exciting than a boring old loaf. Seriously, look how pretty it turned out!

When making this as a loaf, the recipes calls for it to bake for about an hour. When I've made this in Bundt pans, it only needed to bake for 45 minutes. The loaf batter is a bit short for Bundt pans in terms of quantity, but it still bakes just fine. The resulting "cake" is just a bit shorter than your average Bundt. Also, regardless of whether you're making your banana bread as a loaf or Bundt (or any other variation) you want to let it cool completely before slicing. Slicing it while warm releases steam out of the bread and dries it out. The first time I made this in school I resisted the urge to cut into it until it cooled completely, and the result was that it stayed moist for a week.

Also, it's very yummy with tea for breakfast.

Loafing around version.

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