Friday, September 30, 2016

Weight Watchers humor - When beautiful losers weigh in

After missing four weeks (two of which were spent traveling to and from New Orleans and one of which was a Monday holiday), I finally returned to my Weight Watchers meeting this week. And despite every effort to eat anything and everything alligator, red beans and rice, white chocolate bread pudding and beignet while in NOLA, I weighed in this week at exactly the same number as I did last time I went in. So I was pretty happy about that. Definitely a "no news is good news" situation.

Weighing in can be an art form for members of Weight Watchers. Anything that can add so much as a fraction of an ounce may be shed before stepping onto the scale, and that subject came up during this week's meeting and it was hilarious. Attendees admitted to everything from removing earrings to having weighed their clothes at home to find out which outfit weighs the least (and becomes their official, weekly WW uniform). Since we're big girls, most of us have underwire in our bras and so sports bras often get worn to meetings because apparently they weigh less than our everyday bras. A lot of us, myself included - won't eat or drink anything before weighing in. That's a big reason why I attend a 9:30am meeting and bring a protein shake with me that gets opened as soon as I sit down after weighing in.

Our meeting leader, who has been a member of Weight Watchers since the 1980's, regaled us with stories of weighing in at her meetings in New York City, where she lived at the time. Her co-workers always knew when it was Tuesday (her weigh-in day) because she wore the same outfit, a light silk blouse with a light silk skirt, because it was the least heavy outfit she owned. If the weather was bad, she simply wore a heavy coat over it. She also told us that the Weight Watchers in NYC had signs at the scales forbidding members from completely undressing, because apparently people would do that. She also had it happen once here when weighing someone in and had to tell the member that no, she wasn't taking her clothes off.

I'm pretty low maintenance, just a pair of jeans, a light shirt and flip-flops, the latter of which get kicked off before I get on the scale (everyone takes off their shoes). I figure it will all even up over time. I don't wear heavy jewelry, but I do always have two toe rings on these days (one from Hawaii and a new one from New Orleans) and now I can't stop wondering what would happen if I took them off and put them on a scale. After all, WW does count our weight and more importantly our weight loss, down to tenths of pounds...

Hmmmm. The jewelry thing doesn't sound so crazy after all.

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