Sunday, March 12, 2017

It's almost like generalizing (Nazis) about people who don't share your political views (fascists) might not be the way to go

Hey, look! It's time for another episode of...

As you may have heard, one Samantha Bee, who I have no idea about except that she has a TV show (so do the Kardashians, get over yourself) and is supposed to be funny, effed up big time on said show when she aired this segment, in which the cutting edge (you can tell by her use of the F-bomb) Bee sent one of her minions out to "cover" the conservative conference CPAC. And of course, this being the Amazing Samantha Bee, hilarity ensued. Cue the Nazis!!!

Speaking of "chirpy little shits", someone buy this woman a mirror.

Unfortunately for the Amazing Samantha, one of the Nazi Hair Guys had a sister who saw the segment and had an issue with it. Isn't that just like a raging conservative Nazi fascist? So intolerant, and no sense of humor to boot. She's probably Christian, too. You know how they are.

WHOOPSIE!!! Turns out this would-be goosestepper has a very legit - and unfortunate - reason for his "Nazi Hair". It has nothing to do with his political leanings and everything to do with the fact that he is ill with Stage 4 brain cancer. He's doing the best he can with the hair his treatment has left him with.

I can't imagine what seeing this stupid segment must have been like for Megan Coddington. If my beloved brother had brain cancer...well, I don't know what the fuck I'd do. But if some Z-list celeb made fun of him for it, it wouldn't be pretty. That much I do know.

Since being busted on her (and her show's) stupidity and intolerance, Bee has done the obligatory online apology and she and/or her show contributed a whopping $1,000 to the young man's Go Fund Me page. All part of trying to save face, no doubt. Maybe you should know who and what you're talking about before you jackass on national television, Sam Bee.

If you want to learn more about this young man, he is that Kyle on Twitter.

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