Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Deleting my author social media accounts

I had decided to set up social media accounts dedicated to my writing - separate from my personal accounts - some time ago. Unfortunately it turns out that not only is it a lot of extra work, but the accounts weren't always as independent as I thought. Facebook actually linked the two, which kind of defeated the purpose. Plus, just to add to the fun, the FB author page was being spammed. I don't have time to master the fine art of managing this crap - that time is better spent writing.

So I've closed the author accounts. I've also ordered new business cards without those accounts on them. In the future, I'm going to just direct everyone to the blog. Links to my social media accounts, if anyone is interested, are easily accessible on the right sidebar.

The main reason I set up multiple accounts was to keep personal and professional stuff separate. While writers and readers love all things writing, we don't necessarily share opinions on other things. I'm fine with that, but a lot of other people aren't.

All you have to do it look at the venom being spewed online these days to know that differences of opinion can get very ugly very quickly. I realize that just because I won't go off on someone whose opinions and beliefs differ from mine like a deranged maniac doesn't mean the courtesy will be returned, hence the separate accounts. But since those didn't work out, I guess I'll have to take my chances out in the social media wilderness and hope for the best in terms of behavior and respect.

In the meantime, I just want to write and live my life. Thanks in advance for respecting that.

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