Saturday, November 4, 2017

Best. Critique partner. Ever.

So a few days ago Malice Domestic released the list of submissions accepted for its upcoming anthology Mystery Most Geographical. Both my critique partner and I had submitted stories and sadly, neither were selected. I was quite bummed and sent her this email:

On the downside, Malice announced the stories for Mystery Most Geographical and neither of us made it. BOO!!! I want to be published again! Malice anthology

I expected her to commiserate. What I was not expecting was this response:

Yes, I was amazed what poor judgment they displayed :))

Okay, that made me laugh. A lot. And then yesterday, it made my Mom laugh. A lot.

For the record, there were ninety-nine stories submitted and thirty made the cut. It will be interesting to read the stories and see how they stack up against ours. Or it might be frustrating. I'll let you know.

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