Thursday, January 4, 2018

Finally, a would-be hitman who actually went straight to the police

I watch a lot of true crime shows and one thing that never fails to leave me boggled is that in the course of spousal murder investigations, the police often discover that the suspect previously approached people to off his or her not-so-loved-one before finding a way to actually make it happen. There are so many instances where the people approached, rather than reporting it to the police, didn't take the threat seriously, shrugging it off as the person soliciting murder not being serious or just blowing off steam. Based on shows I've seen, there are a lot of people who would have not met untimely deaths if the solicitation for murder was promptly reported to the authorities.

Which brings me to this story: Cop Catches Wife's Affair With 14-year-old, So She Hires Hitman.

There's so much wrong with this whole situation, but it boils down to this: This cop discovered his wife was having sexual relations with a minor, but instead of reporting it, used the information to blackmail her into staying with him. So to get out of the marriage, she asked a friend to kill her husband for her.

Luckily, what happened next differed from so many of these situations I've seen on true crime shows:

Instead of going along with the plan, the would-be hitman wore a recording device for police, and taped the conversations he had with Robin Transue.

Since a murder was prevented, this case will never turn up on an episode of Snapped, which is just fine. Bravo to this guy for taking the threat seriously, and I hope both the husband and wife scumbags spend a lot of time in prison.

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