Tuesday, January 2, 2018

RIP Peggy Cummins

Peggy Cummins, immortal to film noir fans for her portrayal of Annie Laurie Starr in Gun Crazy, passed away December 29th at the age of 92.

The UK-born Cummins never really cracked the U.S. film market, but she made a lasting mark in the low-budget precursor to Bonnie and Clyde. Cummins practically leapt off the screen as the ruthless crack shot, who led her reluctant but besotted husband on a deadly crime spree. I previously blogged about the film here. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend that you remedy that ASAP. It's worth it for Cummins' performance alone, plus it has a continuous, three minute bank heist scene filmed entirely from the back seat of the getaway car that has become famous.

You can check out more coverage of Peggy Cummins from Variety, Hollywood Reporter, The Guardian, and this really terrific post from The Sheila Variations.

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